L’Art pour L’Art by La Selle

L’Art pour L’Art by La Selle

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All handcrafted in Germany, with a flexible leather tree giving the saddle a unique capacity to transfer all of the horses movements to the rider. Giving you the opportunity to feel the horses back activity and the ability to influence the horse while sitting relaxed and balanced. The leather tree allows the horse freedom of movement naturally under saddle. 

Perfectly adapts to the bending of the longitudinal axis, diagonal movement of the back and lifting of the back. Fits horse and rider like a glove conveying every movement between them.

Simple adjustability with anatomical panels and adjustable gullet plates. 

Soft and durable quality leather. A choice of high quality foam or wool flocking.

Puts the rider in a natural balanced classical position. Despite is flexibility the saddle supports the riders seat and guarantees optimal weight distribution on the horses back. With three seat style choices; normal, deep and raised.

Price show if for the standard option and includes Australian government import taxes and duties.

Created for the Art of riding.

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